Make a Longbridge Light Festival badge and collect a free laser cut version of your design at the festival on Saturday 22nd October 2016 from the EE store in Longbridge.

Now design your badge! Click here to go to the design tool.

*Please note that currently the design tool is only working on Chrome and Firefox internet browsers, we are sorry for any inconvenience and we are working to have this fixed.  If you are having any problems then please send your drawing to and they will turn your drawing into a badge design.

 (design tool instructions are below)

Once you have submitted you badge design online visit the EE shop during Longbridge Light Festival on Saturday 22nd October between 6-10pm to pick it up.

You will also be able to paint your badge and add an augmented reality animation in the EE shop with Juneau Projects. Wear your finished badge around the festival site, interact and show off your badge animation and view other visitors’ animations with the Aurasma phone app. You can download the free app ready for the festival from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Would you like a demonstration or help to download the app? No problem just visit EE in Longbridge anytime from the 28th September and the lovely EE staff will show you how to download Aurasma and even show you a demonstration of how it works using this flyer! 

The deadline for final submissions is Thursday 20th October – one design will be cut from each submission. We are not able to post any badges that are not collected on the night.

The theme of the festival is ‘The Shadow Factory’. You may want to make a design which relates to the future of the area or to the area’s history e.g. the former Longbridge car factory. Other ideas you could think about for your design might include light, shadow, digital Longbridge and local landmarks.

Design tool instructions:

The design tool is friendly and easy to use – see below for detailed instructions.

  • Use the OUTLINE tool to draw the shape of your design.
  • This line will be the outer edge of your badge and will be cut right through the wood.
  • The line will appear red on screen. Click from point to point to draw your shape.
  • Please ensure that the last point of your line joins to the first point you drew – this will create a solid shape.
  • Please draw only one outline per design, unless you would like holes within your outline shape.
  • Holes within your design can be drawn using the outline tool too e.g. if you draw a face shape as your outline and would like to have eye holes, you could draw your eyes shapes in red within your face shape.
  • Add detail to the inside of your badge using the INSIDE DETAIL tool.
  • Please click and drag your mouse to create a green line.
  • These green lines will be etched into your badge design but will not cut all the way through.
  • You will need to draw your inside detail using a series of single green lines.
  • Use the + and - zoom tools to zoom in and out on your design.
  • The UNDO tool will allow you to undo any mistakes you make.
  • When you are happy with your design please submit it to us using the SUBMIT DESIGN button.
  • You may save your work at any point by pressing SAVE DESIGN. Once saved, your design will be waiting for you the next time you visit the page.
  • If you would like to download your design to work on further in a program such as Inkscape or Illustrator please use the DOWNLOAD DESIGN button. (Please note you will need vector-based software to work on your design further. Inkscape is an open source program that is free to download from

  • You may wish to upload an image to trace over to make your design. Do this using the UPLOAD BACKGROUND IMAGE tool. This allows you to upload an image to the workspace.
  • Your image will work best as a .png file, but .jpgs will work too.
  • Your file will need to be approx 800 pixels wide x 600 pixels high to fill the workspace. Larger images will appear cropped.